March 13th, 2011 – Fukushima Unit 1 Core Damage and Release of fission products

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From: Batkin, Joshua
To: Brenner, Eliot; Harrington. Holly; Loyd. Susan
Subject: Fw: March 13 0730 Update
Date: Sunday, March 13, 2011 8:54:48 AM

Eliot – can your folks check out this link?

Joshua C. Batkin
Chief of Staff
Chairman Gregory B. Jaczko
(301) 415-1820

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From: Pearson, Laura
To: Hipschman, Thomas; Batkin, Joshua; Monninger, John; Coggins, Angela; Marshall, Michael; Loyd,
Susan; Bradford, Anna
Sent: Sun Mar 13 08:48:20 2011
Subject: RE: March 13 0730 Update

This rather alarming “radioactive fallout map,” which says it is a USNRC product, is linked on the Drudge Report:

Is this authentic? If so, some of the messaging may address what it means for people on the West Coast. This kind of contextfree raw data might cause public concern.

From: Hipschman, Thomas
Sent: Sunday, March 13, 2011 7:45 AM
To: Batkin, Joshua; Monninger, John; Coggins, Angela; Marshall, Michael; Loyd, Susan; Bradford, Anna;
Pearson, Laura
Subject: March 13 0730 Update

Daiichi Unit 1 – there is core damage and a release in progress of fission products. Continuing to use borated seawater. Containment is intact. Release path could be through standby gas treatment system

Unit 2- no core damage, unit is intact

Unit 3 – core damage – using borated seawater similar to Unit 1

Daiini Unit 1 – no core damage, normal makeup, venting

Units 2-4, shutdown, no damage

First NRC person, Tony Ulses has arrived in Japan and Jim Trapp should be arriving soon


Want to ensure we are coordinating effectively, lots of misinformation out there.

Waiting for White House to issue a press release – will describe we are assisting and US is not at risk

NRC is preparing a supplemental press release in case it’s needed

DOE reports that USS Ronald Reagan is picking up airborne contamination and contamination on helicopters. Approximately 100 miles out to sea. We are looking to see if this consistent with plume calculations

No mention of next update

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