San Onofre – Potentially Faulty MHI Steam Generators Also Sold Around The World

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After the San Onofre findings last week, the discussion recently has been about steam generator refits in America, but MHI units might also be used by the new reactors in India, China, etc. This may be an even bigger problem than initially thought.  Rate payers and investors will need to decide if they want to keep investing in boiling water with fission or move to wind and solar and conservation.

In September 2007, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. received an order from Sanmen Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. in China for two packages of a steam turbine generator (STG) for the Zhejiang Sanmen Nuclear Power Plant to be built in Zhejiang Province.

To date, on top of 24 units of NPP-use turbines for Japanese utilities, MHI has received overseas orders for NPP-use turbines for the newly built Laguna Verde NPP in Mexico and the Fourth NPP in Taiwan (two units each) and orders for turbine rotors for the Vandellos NPP in Spain and the Krsko NPP in Slovenia.

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MHI Receives Order for Two Steam Turbine Generators For Sanmen Nuclear Power Plant in China

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