TEPCO working through extended partners to falsify labor deals at Fukushima

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In Japan, workers from across the country have been illegally dispatched and forced to work inside at least one of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi reactor buildings.

A man in his 40s from Nagasaki Prefecture recently related how he carried lead sheets weighing some 20 kilograms each up as high as the sixth floor of one building.”I was really angry because I was treated like a slave,” Yosuke Nakayama, a pseudonym, said of his some 40 days at the Fukushima plant, starting in July last year.

A Saga man in his 30s did a job similar to Nakayama’s at the Fukushima plant after being dispatched from a seventh-tier firm. He received about 300,000 yen for some 40 days of work, and absorbed a radiation dose of some 10 millisieverts. “There are no jobs in my hometown, so it can’t be helped,” he says, adding he is waiting for another Fukushima assignment.

Source: Mainichi

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