The bottom of the sea in the water intake open channel – Fukushima Daiichi

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TEPCO detected relatively high concentrated radioactive materials from marine soil sampled at inside of the port. Since the marine soil will be spread by ocean currents, the utility plans to prevent spreading of marine pollution to outside of the port by covering marine soil with solidified soil.

Construction scope

Front area of intake canal ,Unit1-4 and 5-6.(reference: Figure 1 )


・From late-December to mid-February Compounding solidified soil and laboratory investigation

・ From late-January to early-February Survey of seabed scene inside the port.

・February 22

Enter of work ships(Picture 1)

※ We will opening and closing of dust inhibitor.

・From February 25

Test Construction(Figure 1)

※We will confirm workability and turbidity etc.

・From late-February Start Main construction

※Details have not yet been decided.
Construction period will become 3 or 4 months.

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