March 20th, 2011 – 0500 SPEEDI Fukushima Radiation Maps

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From:Hoc, PMT12
Sent:Saturday, March 19, 2011 6:15 PM
To:GIS Hoc; PMT01 Hoc
Subject:FW: 0500 SPEEDI data, unzipped
Attachments: FUKUSHIMAl air doseuiOS-06huj.gif; FUKUSHIMAl air doseui06-07huj.gif; FUKUSHIMAl air doseui07-08huj.gif; FUKUSHIMAl wind(OShuj.gif; UKUSHIMAl air concentrationuiOS-06~(jjgif; FUKUSHIMAl air concentrationui06-07huj.gif;FUKUSHIMAl air concentrationui07 -08huj.gif

0500 SPEEDI data, unzipped.

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Fukushima SPEEDI Data March 20th 2011 05:00 Pages From ML12061A412 – FOIA PA-2011-0118 FOIA PA-2011-0119 FO…

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