Japan to aid internet businesses market disaster-related merchandise to international buyers

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Japan, the United States and between China cross-border consumer market (2010)

As we already know Japan has been working to move equipment, produce, and merchandise from the affected regions first to the distant regions of Japan, later the announcement was made that some items would also be provided as aid to needing countries around the world.

I even read a few articles this weekend about how it is severely affecting the perception of the Japanese used vehicle industry internationally.

This latest update is also bizarre and unreal.  I had to send it over to a Japanese blogger, EX-SKF just to make sure that I hadn’t translated it wrong.

The Japanese central government is subsidizing new businesses in disaster affect areas including Fukushima to set up web stores to sell merchandise and other items online.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry will aid individuals and businesses from the affected areas by releasing funds for opening and support operations (also translation fees, etc.).

The businesses may or may not be located in the affected areas, or may only be selling some disaster-related merchandise.

The proposal is geared from entrepreneurs who either work at home or have convenience stores.  The goal is to improve the awareness of consumers outside of the affected areas of the need for support for reconstruction and repopulation for the hard-hit areas.

Initially the project is expected to assist over 200 companies in affected areas.  However as furthershrinking of domestic markets is a concern, as well as further decline in population, the industry has been aimed at moving its focus into overseas markets.

The notice mentions some “difficult” issues; such as customs problems and troubles with getting such a company started, but says that the benefit is already proven.

Obviously the greatest incentives are for businesses in the disaster areas, but the Japanese government is also willing to help distribute the potentially affected materials to all parts of Japan if businesses are willing to sell disaster-related products.

Country of sale Online sales services Planned supportive services
Europe and the United States Ebay and J-Stores At least 70 Companies


Gishi Jie (by Jay) (Baijei) Taobao网(Taobao), Jie佰宜Linux/Treasure At least 70 Companies


Yahoo! Taiwan, PChome Store At least 60 Companies


This project will be available in Aomori, Akita, Iwate Prefecture, Yamagata Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture, Fukushima Prefecture, Gunma Prefecture, Tochigi Prefecture, Ibaraki Prefecture, Chiba Prefecture, and other designated “disaster areas”.

  initial cost (opened fees, etc. ) Cost before (monthly fees, etc. ) 
Business located in disaster area  1 / 2 auxiliary  1 / 2 auxiliary
Disaster-related products business (not necessarily in disaster area)  1 / 2 auxiliary none
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