March 30th, 2011 – Reactor Status Update – U2 at least some core ex-vessel approx 3/15 – U3 SFP may be unable to fill due to damage

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Unit 1 Rx: Shutdown 3/11. 70% core damage. Cooling with 30 gpm. Significant salt deposits in vessel, core spay plugged. Primary pressure 65 psig. Drywell pressure 25 psig. Secondary containment destroyed. Containment has been vented at least once since fuel damage occurred. Attempting to establish Nitrogen purge prior to resuming

Unit 2 Rx; Shutdown 3/11. 30% core damage. Significant salt deposits in vessel/drywell, Assumed RPV breach, with at least some core ex-vessel that ocurred approximately 3/15, Primary containment breached in the torus. Secondary containment breached. Significant release of volatile fission products has occurred through both airborne release and also via water drainage out of the Rx building,

Unit 3 Rx: same assumptions as Unit 2, but do not assume RPV failure and location of primary containment breach may be the drywell.

SFP 1: 292 bundles. Pool intact. All fuel at least 12 years old. No secondary containment, Rubble on top of pool. Water can be added through external spray. Now at saturation temperature.

SFP 2: 587 bundles. Pool intact, Water added to the point of pool over-flow, Pool had reached saturation temperature at one time.

SFP 3: 548 bundles. Y, core offload previous refueling. No checker boarding of hotter fuel. Structural damage to pool area suspected. Pool leakage possible. External addition of water has been made repeatedly, but flooding of pool may not be possible due to damage.

SFP 4: 1331 bundles. Full core offload about 120 days ago. No checker boarding of hotter fuel. Structural damage to pool area is known to exist, and structure may not support a full pool weight load. Pool leakage likely, requiring addition of water periodically. Pool was likely dry enough to have cladding/water reaction which produced enough hydrogen to lead to catastrophic explosion that destroyed secondary containment.

Request for PMT Support – Reactor Conditions Pages From C142015-02CX-3

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