Group of US students set to depart next week for Fukushima cleanup mission

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With support from the Japanese Ministry of Education, Fukushima University and MTSU International Affairs, a group of 10 students and two professors from Middle Tennessee State University will leave Nashville early Monday, June 4, to participate in the cleanup and rebuilding mission in Fukushima, Japan.

Students were chosen from a group of applicants to participate in the project, and while in Japan will hear presentations from Fukushima University students, work with other volunteers to clear debris,  and prepare meals in the Soma district.

Each student will pay a fee of $1,000 to cover all instruction fees, lodging and international airfare from Nashville to Japan. Some meals will be provided, but students will cover most of their own meals and incidentals.  The group is slated to return June 15.

“A select group of MTSU faculty has designed a multifaceted approach to study, practice, engagement and reflection that sets a new standard for faculty-led programs in the United States,” says Dr. David Schmidt, vice provost for international affairs.

“MTSU has assessed the current situation and consulted with Fukushima University,” said Schmidt, “At no time while engaged in program-related activities will students be in areas where the U.S. government recommends its citizens avoid travel.”

“The focus of the program is to strategically examine how to address a national disaster, given limited resources and time,” he added.


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