Bumpy restart underway at Ohi nuclear power plant

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Only days after deciding to restart the Ohi reactors, Kansai Electric the operator and the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency have already started out on the wrong foot with a “lapse in judgment” which delayed disclosure from the public.

Kansai Electric officials announced on Wednesday that an alarm had gone off at the plant 13 hours earlier the previous day around 09:50 pm Tuesday, indicating that water levels in a cooling water tank for the reactor’s power generator were 10 centimeters lower than usual.

When workers investigated the tank, the water level was 5 cm lower than normal, but there was no visible water leak from the tank and pipes, although some sweating on the pipes was confirmed.

The company has not determined the cause of the alarm at this time and have refilled the tank.

Kansai Electric says it did not make the information public on Tuesday because the incident did not match levels requiring disclosure by law and in-house rules.

Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency official Yasushi Morishita apologized at a news conference, saying his lapse in judgment delayed the disclosure.

Source: NHK

Source: JiJi Press

Source: Mainichi

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