March 16th, 2011 – USNRC rationale for deployment of the DOE aerial measurement system

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Below is USNRC rationale for deployment of the DOE aerial measurement system. We believe this is a high priority to enable gathering essential data for the determination of informed protective action recommendations, including those for US citizens. We would appreciate your action to help expedite this system’s deployment.

DOE aerial measurement system can provide useful information that helps officials understand the event that has occurred, refine protective actions, and characterize the fallout.

Fixed wing aircraft aerial measuring system

Can rapidly map residual fall out pattern and intensity of contaminated materials that may have deposited after plume passage

Can define expanded evacuation and sheltering areas for both plume and post plume phase
Can obtain isotopic information which also helps to refine the source term as well as protective action guidelines.
Can identify areas of concern for agricultural products and potential food embargos
Dose rate values over the Fukushima site and offsite

Please let us know if you need additional information regarding this rationale. Thank you very
much for your assistance in this matter.

Chris Miller
Pages From C142759-02A –4 USNRC Rationale for Deployment of the DOE Aerial Measurement System

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