March 25th, 2011 – Dose calculations for Fukushima Daiichi Dry-Well vent valves and the temporary pit

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From:RST01 Hoc
Sent:Friday, March 25, 2011 5:27 AM
To:LIA10 Hoc
Subject:FW: Revision to the NISA “cooling methods” document

Can you pls make the below changes to the document you translated earlier, verify that there are no further changes, and resend it to me?

Tom Boyce
RST Coordinator

Orig-i-n-a-l -M essage —–
From: Nakanishi, Tony
Sent: Friday, March 25, 2011 4:21 AM
To: RST01 Hoc; PMT01 Hoc
Subject: Revision to the NISA “cooling methods” document

It appears that the only revision to the “cooling methods” document was to correct the H2 production rate (shown in red in the attachment).

The second file appears to document the dose calculations for the D/W vent valves and the temporary pit.


I corrected error of Hydrogen production rate by radiation, Unit #1 1.2kg/h Unit #2, #3 1.7kg/h


We estimated dose rate of reactor water.
100 Sv/h on water level
10 Sv/h at 1m higher than water level.
Pages From ML12164A553 –10 Revision to the NISA Cooling Methods Document

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