TEPCO releases video of Reactor 3 Torus Room Inspection

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This week 11 TEPCO workers have been focused on an investigation in the Reactor 3 building to find any signs of where the water is leaking, and what type of stop measures could be implemented to prevent the radioactive water from escaping the Reactor and Turbine Buildings.

Workers carried one of the new “Survey Runner” robots into the reactor building at 11:00 am Wednesday morning, only 3 hours later the operators lost control of the robot, which now makes 2 robots trapped in reactors which are unable to be retrieved currently (Quince 1 is still stranded in Reactor 2).

TEPCO admitted that they don’t know the cause yet, but say it is possible that the cable got damaged.  The utility said it would be difficult to retrieve the robot for the moment because of the high radiation levels.

The robots were specially designed for the environments inside of the nuclear reactor buildings

Since the survey runner is still in the Torus Room, workers have been unable to retrieve the sound equipment which was supposed to allow workers to listen for any possible signs of water leakage.

Source: TEPCO

Source: JiJi Press


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