After Fukushima nations asking if nuclear is worth it – Nuclear Electric Production Is Already Declining

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Toshiba forced to sell Westinghouse Electric in hopes to form international alliance to build nuclear plants in attempt to win more orders for nuclear power plants in emerging nations

Source: Straits Times

Rate cut suggested for crippled San Onofre nuclear power plant customers

SONGS ratepayers are being charged $54 million a month to operate the plant even though it’s been out of service since January.

Source: ABC News

Nuclear Electric Production Is Already Declining

The countries that adopted nuclear first, that is the United States, Europe, Japan, and Russia, have been experiencing flat to declining nuclear electricity production.

Source: Business Insider

Nuclear Engineers and Scientists picketing Canadian nuclear power plants

The Society of Professional Engineers and Associates (SPEA) is holding an information picket this morning in front of Bruce Power and Ontario Power Generation nuclear facilities to warn that critical technical expertise may not be available to support their long term operations.

Source: Nuclear Street

Former Union Power Minister Calls for people to end nuclear energy

“Nuclear, after Fukushima, I don’t think we will be able to add substantial nuclear energy. We need to generate electrity, we can get more from renewables,” the ex-Shiv Sena MP, said.

Source: Times of India

NPC uneasy with cost of nuclear power

The National Planning Commission in its revised plan has repeated its warnings on the cost of nuclear power and is instead advocating a mix of energy sources.

Source: Times Live

South African National Development Plant 2030 advises ‘Plan B’ if nuclear build proves too costly

South Africa needed to develop a ‘Plan B’ should an investigation into the economics associated with deploying 9 600 MW of nuclear energy capacity prove it too expensive, the newly released National Development Plan 2030 asserts, arguing that that South Africa needed a “thorough investigation” of the implications of nuclear energy, including its costs, financing options, institutional arrangements, safety, environmental costs and benefits, localisation and employment opportunities, and uranium-enrichment and fuel fabrication possibilities.

Source: Engineering News


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