April 5th, 2011 – Japan Plans to “Goop” the Site With a Material Called “Fix It” – As a Way to Fix Ground and Building Loose Contamination

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3/31/2011 (22:00 EDT) Issue with Goop

Japan Team and Consortium 3:00 am Phone Call (RST log 2040)

INPO Bob Ryan
EPRI Steve Modine
Japan Team

Japan plans to “Goop” the site with a material called “Fix It” it is purported to be used as a way to fix ground and building loose contamination. TEPCO Japan is planning to perform this action in the future. RST has some preliminary product information and has passed this to the

RST and Consortium 11:00 am Phone Call


1. Organic compounds like the one suggested by the Japanese when exposed to radiation. can form a glue-like material (peanut butter!) and may cause more problems

2. water is the best solution for now

???: Any other compound available?

TEPCO is planning a test before using their compound – INPO’s concern is that it will take time for radiations effects (-few days?)

INPO: Concern with this method are (1) impact on heat transfer in the spent fuel pool, and (2) effect on the remote devices

ACTION: Need to provide input to Mike Scott by 4-15-11
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