Russia to send new expedition to study post-Fukushima radiation levels around Sea of Japan

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The Akademik Shokalsky will traverse the Sea of Japan, entering the Pacific Ocean through the Sangar Strait, proceed along the Kuril-Kamchatka range and return to the Sea of Japan though La Perouse Strait ending up in Vladivostok.

“The expedition will leave port Vladivostok on the scientific ship Akademik Shokalsky. The voyage is expected to last until September 14,” deputy director of the Far Eastern Regional Research Institute of Hydrometeorology Yevgeny Karasyov told Interfax.

The Russian scientists will take round the clock measurements of airborne radionuclides, measure gamma radiation levels above the surface, and take samples from various depths of water, which will be tested for Cesium, Strontium, Plutonium, and Tritium.

Source: RBTH

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