Illegal immigrant employed with subcontractor conducting construction work at Palo Verde Nuclear Station

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An individual employed with a construction project sub-contractor arrived at the Security Owner Controlled Area (SOCA) of the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station, and was detained by security officers after presenting a fake drivers license to gain access to the controlled area.

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MSCO) was contacted, and determined that the identification was false, and the individual was an undocumented immigrant.  This is the second time in just more than a year that an undocumented immigrant has been caught trying to get on the power plant grounds with a fake ID, according to MCSO.

The man, identified as Nestor Martinez Ochoa, 40, admitted to deputies who arrived on scene that he was using a false ID and that he was also in the country illegally, it was later found that he has been deported four times.

Plant personnel and Maricopa deputies believe that Ochoa has been granted access into the nuclear plant in the past, a news release said.

The sheriff adds that it bothers him that someone in the country illegally was able to use a fake ID to gain access to one of the most secure facilities in the country. “I’m very concerned. Even though they say he didn’t go very far, into the really, really secure area, you never know what’s going to happen once these guys get inside there.”

Source: Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Source: ABC News

Source: NewsTalk KFYI

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