J-Power to finish construction of first nuclear reactor designed to run exclusively on MOX fuel

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The Electric Power Development Company began construction in 2008 on the nuclear power plant in Ohma Town, but work was suspended after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.  The Ohma project is J-Powers first nuclear power venture, and is a variation of the Advanced Boiling Water Reactor (ABWR) standard design.

The ABWR is planned to be Japan’s first nuclear power plant designed to run exclusively on MOX fuel, and was to be a key figure in the central government “pluthermal” plan, which promotes the reuse of plutonium and uranium from spent fuels in light-water reactors.

J-Power initially aimed to start operating the plant in March 2012, but in 2008 announced that work would be delayed by two and a half years in November 2014, but in March told the government that the start date was undecided.  Currently, about 40% of the construction work has been completed, but the utility will have to meet new safety standards which have yet to be finalized by the new nuclear regulating authority.

Hokkaido’s Hakodate City, located 20 kilometers from the town, has asked the central government that the project be suspended indefinitely. A group of Hakodate citizens has filed for a court injunction to stop the project.

Hakodate Mayor Toshiki Kudo said the city is considering filing a lawsuit if J-Power goes ahead with its plan.

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