March 12th, 2011 – They may have done exactly what Mitch said – flooded the cavity and then they got a steam explosion

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From: Gayrilas, Mirela
To: Gibson. Kathy; Case, Michael
Cc: Lee. Richard
Subject: FW: Fukushima
Date: Saturday, March 12, 2011 6:55:30 AM
Any info that can be shared with our contractor at ANL? He has a very sharp mind and he is probably the world’s foremost expert if the core did melt through the vessel.

They may have done exactly what Mitch said: flooded the cavity and then they got a steam explosion–

Mike Corradini could give the best guess as to that. To me, the timeline fits.


From: Michael Corradini [[email protected]]
Sent: Friday, March 11, 2011 9:08 PM
To: Farmer, Mitchell T.
Cc: Gavrilas, Mirela; Tinkler, Charles; Basu, Sudhamay; Lee, Richard; Grandy, Christopher
Subject: Re: Fukushima

I am with Dana and others at ACRS. We have gotten some small info from folks in Japan. Fukashima used up their DC battery energy powering their RCIC pumps after the AC diesel generators started and then failed. As of 7pm EST, portable generators had arrived but yet to have been hooked up. Charlie or Mirela may know more. Dana has been contacted by a DOE emergency response team (and I wished him well to Japan).

Michael Corradini, Chair
Engineering Physics
University of Wisconsin
(608)263-1648 [Fax: 3-7451]
[email protected]

Quoting “Farmer, Mitchell T.”:

> Hi Mirela, Charlie, Sud, Richard,

> Don’t know if you are out there. I’ve been watching the situation
> at Fukushima and don’t like what I’m seeing, at least based on the
> news reports I have access to. I don’t know how long a BWR can go
> w/o emergency core cooling and not sustain significant core damage
> but it seems like we’re well into that time domain. Is there
> anything that can be done to help? I don’t know, I’m searching.
> The one thing we learned from MCCI though: if you fear vessel
> failure and you have any means to flood the cavity then you should
> do that. They have siliecous concrete in Japan; too much
> interaction ex-vessel w/o water and coolability is lost. Let me
> know if there is anything I can do.
> Mitch

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