In-Focus: Nuclear – California probe into San Onofre – AREVA says no need to further test MOX fuel

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California Public Utilities Commission to investigate rates at San Onofre

Edison and SDG&E are currently collecting $1.1 billion a year ($800 million in fixed costs and $300 million in annual operating costs) from ratepayers for costs relating to the plant.

Source: LA Times

Source: Reuters

AREVA says no need to further test MOX fuel rod assemblies

Chris Lews, AREVA’s Mox project manager, told NRC regulators that the two types of plutonium are so similar that additional testing is unnecessary.

“Plutonium is plutonium – it all behaves the same,” he said. “The difference is in the isotopic ratios.”

Source: The Augusta Chronicle

Indian Point debate heating up

Source: AOL Energy

Russian software company developing software for nuclear power plant security

Source: The Daily Star

Russia to raise two sunken nuclear subs after warnings of radioactive contamination

Source: The Ottawa Citizen

Bahrain postpones nuclear plans

Source: Trade Arabia

Head of Australia’s Nuclear Science and Technology Organization accused of cover-up

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

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