Kansai Electric to release report fighting active fault claims

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The Kansai Electric Power Company, the Japanese utility which operates the Ohi nuclear power station, will release a report to the government which will argue the contention that there is an active underground earthquake fault which runs underneath the Ohi site.  Nuclear safety guidelines mandate that no nuclear facilities can operate which are found to be built on an active fault.

In late July the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency had ordered the utility to conduct new research on suspected active faults at the nuclear power facility and publish a report by the end of October.  The new Nuclear Regulation Authority will conduct its own survey of the Ohi plant on November 2nd.

Last month, the city and prefecture of Osaka requested that both units 3 and 4 be shut down as the power generated is not needed.

Source: JiJi Press

Source: NHK

Source: The Japan Daily Times

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