Atomic Energy of Canada nearly doubles nuclear liability estimate

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Chalk River Laboratory Canada

Around the world, the costs of operating nuclear reactors are continuing to climb almost as much as the additional liability costs are.  The Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd released a statement late Tuesday night which raised the estimate of its  costs and liability for nuclear decommissioning and waste management from C$3.6 billion to C$6 billion, which was largely affected by costs from the Chalk River Research Reactor.

At one point, C$2.4 billion would fund a new power plant build, but an unnamed government official said that this was only a one-time cost for the current fiscal year.  The estimate has not yet been confirmed by AECL management, the AECL board, the Office of the Auditor General or KPMG.

This summer, the AECL is planning to ship over 23,000 litres of highly radioactive waste, including weapon’s grade enriched-uranium, from the Chalk River Laboratory to the Savannah River Site in South Carolina.  The uranium was originally shipped to Canada in order to make medical isotopes and an agreement was made between the United States and Canada to return the weapons-grade uranium after processing.

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