New assessment of San Onofre reactor shortens operational lifespan estimates

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San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station operated by Southern California Edison

Today, Southern California Edison released a report conducted by Intertek APTECH that estimates it would be too risky to operate the Unit 2 reactor at full power for more than 11 months, which is 7 months shorter than previous analysis.  Intertek has never owned or operated a nuclear power plant, rather provides consultant services and litigation support for many nuclear power plants around the U.S.

Southern California Edison senior vice president Pete Dietrich said the safety analysis “confirms the structural integrity of the Unit 2 steam generators at 100 percent power, as requested by the NRC.”  Dietrich also commented, “We welcome this additional safety analysis but remain steadfast in our commitment to restart Unit 2 at only 70 percent power.”

Source: Reuters

Source: Intertek

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