Palisades nuclear power plant shut down due to leaks

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The Palisades nuclear power plant shut down on Sunday morning, just after 1 am, due to a leak from the Safety Injection Refueling Water Tank. Last year, the plant was shut down due to leaks from the SIRW tank, after the leaking water was found to be seeping into the control room, but was allowed to restart by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission until the leak reached some 34 gallons per day.  According to plant operators, the leakage had increased for “unknown reasons” to an estimated 90 gallons per day.

The work is being monitored by on-site inspectors from the NRC, but thus far the workers have been unable to locate the source of the leak.  The utility has not indicated if it will attempt to repair the leaking tank or if it has committed to the replacement of the tank, which would require a longer shutdown.

The Palisades plant, operated by Entergy Corp. has been facing additional oversight from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission after repeated safety issues, plant shutdowns, and indications that the plant has not even been meeting its own standards.

Source: NRC Event Notifications

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