Utility claims fault under nuclear reactor not active contradicting NRA report

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Tsuruga Nuclear Power Plant

In May of this year, Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority released a report which concluded that the Tsuruga nuclear power plant was constructed upon an active fault which runs directly underneath the Unit 2 reactor building.  At the time of the report, Kunihiko Shimazaki, an NRA commissioner said, “Safety levels (at Tsuruga) have been low and it is really just a matter of luck that there hasn’t been an accident.  We are taking the first steps to correct the situation.”  The publication of the report meant that Japan Atomic Power would be unable to reactivate the Tsuruga nuclear power plant.

For the last two months, the utility worked to create its own contradictory report, published by its own expert panel, which contends that the facility does not sit on an active fault, as the fault has not moved in the last 120,000 to 130,000 years.  Japan Atomic Power has submitted the report to the NRA, but the Tsuruga reactor will have to be decommissioned if the utility’s data is not convincing enough to overturn the regulators’ previous decision that the fault is active.

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