Entergy to shut down and decommission Vermont Yankee

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Entergy Corporation announced that it will permanently shut-down and decommission the single unit boiling water reactor at the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station at the end of its current fuel cycle.  After recently ending a legal battle with Vermont, the decision to shut down the state’s only nuclear power plant was based on a variety of financial factors, which are affecting nuclear power plants across the nation.  Entergy noted that the Vermont Yankee station estimated operational earnings were expected to break even in 2013, but would continue declining over the next few years.

The utility will establish a decommissioning planning organization.  Once the plant shuts down at the end of the current fuel cycle, workers will de-fuel the reactor and place the facility into SAFSTOR, a condition where it can be monitored and preserved while the decommissioning work is planned.

Source: Market Watch

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