Enhanced investigation of crippled containment vessels at Fukushima Daiichi planned

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Tokyo Electric is planning a more expansive investigation of the damaged containment vessels at Fukushima Daiichi Reactor 1, Reactor 2, and Reactor 3.  The utility hopes that the information gathered during the investigations will help plan fuel removal operations.

Previous investigations uncovered that the damaged containment vessels are likely not capable of holding water, as highly contaminated water has been found in rooms around the containment vessels and turbine buildings, but workers have no idea where the damage is located or its extent.

Tokyo Electric plans to fill the containment vessels with water to shield workers from radiation as they remove the damaged nuclear fuel.

In early May, TEPCO will use an endoscopic camera to survey areas connected to the containment vessel in order to determine where and how water is escaping.

In Reactor 1, the utility will focus on the bottom of the containment vessel.

In Reactor 2, the investigation will explore the suppression chamber in the lower areas at the bottom of the containment vessel.

In Reactor 3, workers will explore connections between the containment vessel and adjoining rooms.

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