NRA inspectors dispatched to Sendai Nuclear Power Plant

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Sendai Nuclear Power Plant - Kyushu Electric

Officials from Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority have begun an on-site inspection of the Sendai nuclear power plant operated by the Kyushu Electric Power Company.

15 officials including Commissioner Kunihiko Shimazaki visited the Sendai facility where they will work to inspect and confirm preparations for potential earthquakes and tsunami.

On Thursday morning the inspectors reviewed seismic faults which run beneath the facility and also inspected the seawater intake to confirm whether water can be provided to cool nuclear fuel when the sea level lowers before and after a tsunami.

Many experts in Japan feel that the Sendai nuclear power plant will be the first to pass new post-Fukushima safety procedures and be brought back online, but it still must pass safety inspections and obtain consent to restart from local communities.

Kyushu Electric has been working to seek financial support from the Japanese government while its nuclear reactors remain shutdown.  The utility is in talks with the Development Bank of Japan for financial assistance.

Source: The Star Online

Source: NHK


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