Weapons missing from LaSalle nuclear power plant armory

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LaSalle nuclear power plant - Illinois

Two Sig Sauer 9 millimeter weapons were stolen from the armory at the LaSalle nuclear power plant located 65 miles southwest of the City of Chicago.

Exelon, the licensee who operates the nuclear facility, claims that the security of the site was not breached during the theft, which may imply that the person who stole the weapons is a worker at the nuclear power plant.

Exelon has notified the LaSalle County Sheriff’s Department and officials at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission who will launch an investigation into the matter.  The NRC has dispatched a senior inspector to the plant to oversee the case.

Officials from the power plant told reporters that the weapons were primarily used for training purposes and could have been stolen nearly a month ago, on July 27th, and may reveal why the theft was not made public earlier.

Source: NBC 5 Chicago

Source: ABC 7 Chicago

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